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Official Dress

The FFA Association is unique in that we have an official dress that stands for unity in our organization. The corduroy jacket FFA Members wear dates back to the 1933 national convention where it was first established. The FFA Official Dress standards were created at the 1973 Convention. Since this time, the official dress has been worn at FFA functions across the world. When others see our members in official dress, they realize that we belong to one of the largest youth led organizations in the world. Therefore, it is important that each FFA member understand and wear the correct official dress while participating in official activities.
Remember that it is an honor to wear the blue corduroy jacket and the official dress representing the legacy of the FFA. Wear it properly - and with pride.

Female Official Dress
  • Black skirt - Skirt is to be at least knee length, hemmed evenly across the bottom, with a slit no longer than 2 inches above the knee, excluding the kick pleat
  • White collared blouse & Official FFA blue scarf
  • Black dress shoes with a closed heel and toe
    (no boots, sandals, open-toed shoes, tennis shoes)
  • Black nylon hosiery
  • Official FFA jacket zipped to the top.
  • Black Slacks may be appropriate for traveling and outdoor activities.

Male Official Dress
  • Black dress pants (no jeans - blue or black, leather, pleather, etc.)
  • White dress shirt & Official FFA tie
  • Black dress shoes with a closed heel and toe.
    (no boots, sandals, open-toed shoes, tennis shoes, )
  • Black socks
  • Official FFA jacket zipped to the top


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